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Olive the Tree of evergreen and life

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Mainnet Released with NFT plots support!

Olive is a fork of Chia Network, with 1.4% of Chia prefarm. Olive is in the talks with multinational startups NGOS in mental health on incorporating Olive into their payments and daily operations We believe that Olive is the new safe, green and secure way to do transaction. With deflation characteristics of Olive, early adopters will be rewarded. With minimal prefarm

On the day of 13/8/2021, We introduced Olive mainnet to the world, we hope to bring a new alternative for decentralised finance to our friends all over the world.

Released under the open source Apache License.


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IDC on Olive

“The Olive Blockchain was developed and launched on the premise that HDD storage capacity is underutilized, and IDC's Global StorageSphere data confirms they are correct.”